A glowing recommendation

Hi, On the 22nd Nov I had Garry from JSL Plumbing Services out to fix a problem I had with my cold water feed to my bathroom.

I would just like to thank JSL and in particular Garry for giving us back our lives. We have had 4 separate Plumbers out from different Company’s over a period of a year and not one of them could come near to fixing my problem and indeed couldn’t get out of my property Quick enough due to the complexity of the problem.

Garry was methodical in his approach and quickly grasped where the problem lay, and came up with a plan to put an additional cold water Feed in direct from the mains coming in, and capping off the existing feed
to the bathroom which had a blockage that would have cost a Lot of money to rectify as we would need to have pulled up walls and floors.

Garry then set about doing this work in which was very challenging, given the lack of work space in which he had to carry out this work.

He managed to identify the problem and fix it in around two and a half hours, and at a very reasonable cost. Thanks again to JSL plumbing for everything, and I will recommend this company to all my friends and to
anyone willing to listen.



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