A home DIY job made the situation worse

We received a panicked call from a customer in Milngavie in the North of Glasgow because the tap in their bathroom would not turn off and seriously hot water was gushing out at a fair pace.

It transpired that the husband had tried to do a DIY job on the hot tap in the bathroom but had mistakenly made the situation worse.  So when his wife went to wash her hands, the hot tap knob turned on full blast and subsequently fell off.

They called us because we are one of Glasgow’s leading plumbers and we get the job done.  We turned up at the property, ensured that the hot tap water supply was off and then got to replacing the broken tap.

It was a simply job with a simple fix.  While we were there, we completed a few other odd plumbing jobs for the customer.


Not every plumbing job is an emergency but it can be pretty scary when water starts pouring out a tap with no obvious way of stopping it.

One bit of advise we always give our customers is to save our number on your phone.  JSL Plumbing is just one part of the three divisions that make up JSL.  There is JSL Plumbing, JSL Drainage and JSL Heating.


We all run with the same drive to offer an honest job at a fair price.  Our reputation and recommendations speak for themselves which is how we have grown from a simple ‘man with a van’ plumber in Milngavie to become one of Glasgow’s top plumbers.  And because we can offer drainage and heating as well, we can offer our customers a complete service.


So if you ever have a broken tap issue and you need a good plumber that has been recommended, then call on JSL Plumbing.  Call 0141 406 1658

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