A radiator fell off the wall

You would be surprised how often it happens.  Radiators falling off of the wall.  Especially if you have children running around like Bulls in a China shop.


And that is exactly what one of our latest call outs this week has been for.  We were called out to Rutherglen in the Southside of Glasgow because a customers radiator had fallen off of the wall.

Whilst many radiators have floor support mounts, a lot of modern radiators are held onto the wall with bolts.  However modern homes walls are not overly supportive so sometimes all it takes is a 5 year old cycling in the house (even when they have been told not too) and a ‘light bump’ from the front wheel.

We remounted the radiator onto the wall using heavy duty fixings to ensure that the radiator can take more of a hit next time.  We then ensured that the radiator pipes had not been damaged and then we ensured that the radiators were all bled and checked the boiler pressure (better safe than sorry).

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