A smelly shower

We were called out to a customer in Bearsden because they had a smelly shower.  It may sound strange but this is not the first time that we have dealt with this kind of issue.  The last time that we had to deal with a smelly shower, it was because of a collection of bits and pieces that had collected in the drain pipe.  It did not create a blockage but it did emit a fairly strong rotten smell.

This time however, the issue was caused by a loose fitting.  The plumber who had installed the shower basin in the first place (not us) had used the wrong connection nut.  It meant that everytime the shower was used, a small amount of water would escape directly below the shower basin but above the floor.  It was never enough to flood the floor below it but over the years, it has been enough to rot away the wooden floor boards below.

So we had to remove the exiting shower basin, cut out the rotten wood and replace it with new treated timber before refitting the shower basin and ensuring that it was properly connected this time.

Another happy customer and another plumbing issue fixed.


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