A trace and access job that went high and low

A leaking pipe can be infuriating for a home owner. It can be doubly so if you don’t even know where the leak is coming from. The plumbing pipework of a homes water pipes, drainage and heating system are mostly hidden from view behind walls so a leak can be incredibly hard to locate unless there is a very clear sign of where it is originating from.

And that is exactly what one of our recent jobs had. The customer located in the North of Glasgow had suffered from. A slow leak caused by pipe fatigue had begun to cause noticeable damage that first alerted the customer.

JSL Plumbing, as one of the leading plumbers in Glasgow was quickly called to the scene. One of our trained plumbers quickly began the trace and access process.

A trace and access plumbing job looking for a leaking pipe in a kitchen

What made this job particularly tricky was that the leak was located against the wall above the kitchen which limited our access. This meant that to complete the job, we had to come at it from two angles – literally. We had to cut an access point in the ceiling of the kitchen and lift the carpet and remove a floor board in the room directly above.

Copper pipes can suffer from fatigue through general wear. Slow leaks are silent and can go undetected for long periods of time.

If you have noticed dark/damp patches forming in your ceiling, or on walls, it may be that you have a slow leak. The best advise we can give is not to delay. Call the experts today. We don’t charge a call out fee and all of our work is guaranteed.

To us, our values are what make JSL Plumbing the company we are. It isn’t about being one thing or the other. It is about meeting our own expectations and exceeding yours. We pride ourselves on our honest and friendly approach whilst knowing that we have the proper skills to get the job done properly for you. Our customers faith in our services is important to us which is why each any every day, our values guide us to be the best plumber in Glasgow.

Founded in the outskirts of Bearsden, we started out as a small plumbing and drainage business. But as our reputation grew so did our client list as we continued building up referrals thanks to the high quality plumbing work that we were providing our customers with. Over the years, we have had to expand our business by bringing in new staff to cope with the increased demand. With this expansion, we had added new skills and new opportunities. JSL Plumbing has now grown from more than just a plumber in a van. We proudly cover everything and anything to do with plumbing, serving all of Glasgow.

So if you need the help of the trace and access services of a quality plumber, call JSL Plumbing today.

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