My bath is leaking!!!

A bathtub holds a lot of water.  The average bathtub can contain over 360 litres of water so it is understandable that you might get into a bit of a panic if the waste pipe that connects to your baths drain plug hole fails and bath waste water begins leaking downstairs.

Water damage is no laughing matter and these kind of issues need to be dealt with sooner rather than later.

Fortunately most leaking bath issues are minor.  A small crack and a small leak will eventually get spotted as a damp patch in the ceiling directly below the bath.  And that kind of fix and repair can be dealt with more easily.

However there are cases when the sheer pressure of the 360 litres of water that comes flooding out of the bath can cause a bigger problem.


Whether you have a small leak or a big leak, at JSL Plumbing, we treat each and every one in the same professional manner.  Find the leak and fix the leak.  Repair any damage that the leak has caused and leave knowing that all of our work and parts are guaranteed to give you peace of mind.


JSL Plumbing is a proudly Glasgow based plumber who is reliable, recommended and reputable.  We have a constantly growing list of glowing testimonials and recommendations from customers who have suffered for years from sub standard plumbers and were simply blown away by the skills, quality and professionalism of JSL Plumbing.


So if you have a leaking bathtub and need a qualified, experienced plumber to fix the problem and clean up after them then you need to call JSL Plumbing today.

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Leaking Bath Case Study

We have all heard of disaster stories of friends and families who have moved to a new home only to discover a hidden fault.

In this case, we received a call from a customer who had just moved into their new sandstone home in Pollockshields in the South Side of Glasgow.  After unpacking boxes all day they treated themselves to a bath as a reward.  However when it came to the end of the bath, they pulled the plug and the sheer force of the water draining from the bathtub caused the waste pipe that connected to the bath to pop off leaving the draining bath water to literally flood through the floorboards and into the living room directly below.

As an existing customer of JSL Plumbing, we received an emergency call out from the customer and were soon getting to work helping to dry off the water damaged areas of the ceiling, carpet and sofa.  From there we identified the root cause of the problem before repairing and restrengthening the pipe to ensure that it wouldn’t happen again.

It transpired that the previous owner was more of a shower person and the low water drainage levels of a shower had never triggered the problem.  It was simply the force of a bathtub draining away for the first time in years that caused the issue.

It was all something that the new home owner could have done without but at least they knew that they could call on JSL Plumbing to get things back on track.

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