Boiler Pressure Dropping

Are you constantly having to top up the boiler pressure to get the boiler to work?

Are the radiators not heating up to the toasty hot temperature that you are looking for? Chances are you have a leak in the pipework or a radiator on the central system.


It is at this point you may be thinking – what does a plumbing company have to do with my boiler?  We JSL Plumbing is just one part of JSL.  We also run a division called JSL Heating which specialises in the installation and repairing of boilers and all other related heating systems issues in your Glasgow home.


boiler pressure dropping


So….Your boiler is losing pressure which allows air to get into the system. Your radiators are then not full of heated water but a mixture of water and air. That means that they do not heat up as efficiently as they should. The easy fix to this is to bleed the radiators which will allow the air in the system to escape. However if you find a lot of air in the system, you may have a problem that needs a professional to have a look at it.

gas safe boiler repairs


At JSL Plumbing (and Heating…) we do not charge a call out fee so if you are worried that your boiler is not working properly or you have a leak in your radiator heating system then call us today and one of our JSL team can be at your door and inspecting the issue before the problem gets worse.

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