Burst water pipes because of the heat

Let’s be honest – this is Glasgow and we are more used to rain that goes sideways than heatwaves.

Yet for the last week or so, it has been really really hot.  So hot in fact that there is barely a paddling pool in the city not being used.

But with all the heat comes problems that you may never have thought about.  And chance are that if you are reading this, it is because you yourself have suffered from this problem.  Has your plumbing water pipe burst in the summer heat?

You may be asking yourself whether pipes can indeed burst in warm weather.  Yes they can Plumbing disasters like this are not just reserved the the cold Glasgow winter months.


So how do pipes burst in the heat?

Well in the summer, you actually use more water that in the winter.  This puts more strain on your plumbing system.  During the summer, the warm weather means more trees and bushes grow and that means more root growth which can easily crack a pipe underground.

Extended dry spells can cause the ground to move and that change in pressure can crack a pipe.  Older plumbing piping made from metal can rust and corrode to develop leaks and eventually burst.

If your plumbing pipework is between 20 and 50 years old, it could fail purely because of old age.  Modern PVC piping lasts a lot longer.

And finally – if you have used another plumber before you discovered JSL, there is a chance that the work they did was substandard.  Faulty pipework, low grade products and bad plumbing practice are hard to spot by the untrained eye but can cause more problems than they should.


So what to do if you have a leaking pipe during the heatwave.

The first thing you need to do is call us.  We are a local Glasgow plumber.  We guarantee all of our work.  We book you into a time slot so that you know when we are going to turn up.  We confirm a price with you before we begin the work and we clean up any mess after we are done.

It is easy to understand why we are one of the most highly rated local plumbers in Glasgow.  Find out for yourself by calling 0141 406 1658.


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