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A leak from one flat to another

We were called out to a block of flats in Glasgow because a plumbing leak was dripping down from one flat to another.  The leaking pipe was a challenge to access but as one of the leading Glasgow plumber trace service providers, we were able to find the fault and of course fix it.

Booking a time slot that works for you

Now that schools have started to go back arcross Glasgow, finding the time to call out a plumber to fix your bathroom sink or add in a new sink in the utility room becomes a lot harder.

So many plumbers will give you common response ‘I will try and make it out to you some time next week’

Not exactly helpful information.

At JSL Plumbing, we are one of Glasgow’s leading plumbers.  We have got to where we are by offering a quality service at a fair price but we have also done it by making life as easy for our customers.

Take our booking system for example.  If you call JSL Plumbing, you don’t speak to one of our plumbers while they have their head stuck under the kitchen sink.  You speak to a polite, friendly call centre team who can book in a slot that fits your schedule.  We can advise you on our free slots over the next couple of weeks and get you booked in for the slot that you prefer.

And we keep to our slots. If you check out checkatrade.com, you can see that for timekeeping, we score 98%.  The missing 2% – we will put that down to Friday rush hour traffic on a rainy day.

But in all seriousness, we offer a quality service at a fair price.  We guarantee all of our work and parts and we will turn up when we say we will

When it comes to looking for a reliable plumber in Glasgow – what more could you want?

It’s not all broken toilets

A burst pipe and water pooling

Pipes do not wait to burst at your convenience.  They happen whenever they feel like it.  So for one of our customers in Scotstoun in the West End of Glasgow, it came as quite a shock when they came downstairs in the morning to find water pooling in their garden.

What had happened, why had it happened and what could they do to stop it?  Those were the questions that ran through the customers mind.  But the first sensible thing they did was call JSL Plumbing.


They have used us before when we fixed a leaking kitchen tap and were impressed at our attitude, pricing and timekeeping.  All things that we have kept up and more often than not – exceeded since our paths last crossed.

So they called our friendly team, notified them that this was indeed a plumbing emergency and our of our trained and qualified plumbers was dispatched ASAP.


We inspected the problem, confirmed what the cause was and made sure we got approval from the customer to proceed based on the cost we provided (which as always was fair).

The problem was a worn out copper pipe.  It happens from time to time.  Older copper pipes can eventually fail through simple corrosion.  And that is what happened here.


So our team had to dip up the burst pipe to replace it.  We of course checked over the system to make sure that there were no other leaks and then went on our way to the next plumbing emergency in and around Glasgow.

The drama of a leaking pipe under the floor

We were called by a customer in Strathbungo because they had found that there was a leaking pipe under their floor and had created a mini pool of water in the ground.


They had found it by accident.  They were accessing under the floor to lay down some poison as they have been plagued by rodents.  When they lifted the floor hatch to lay some poison, they were greeted to a pool of water.


A washer had given up on the on/off tap for the homes main water supply and for a wee while had been leaking out water.  Initially it just water logged the ground but eventually there was too much water to drain away any more and it became a pool of water.


As a recommended, quality plumber in Glasgow, we got the call to help fix the problem.


After assessing the situation, we quoted a price and got to work.


The first thing we did was kill the power to the house.  In older houses like this, especially if there has been evidence of rodents, you simply don’t know if all the electrical wires under the floor are sealed.  So the last thing we wanted to do was get electrocuted when in the puddles of water.


So we got to work replacing the washer and removed the build up of water.  We advised the customer on a monthly schedule to help air out the space to allow the ground to dry quickly.


The customer was happy with the outcome and was pretty relived that it hadn’t ended up being worse.


If you have a plumbing emergency, call JSL Plumbing today.

Going past 100 reviews

As one of Glasgow’s leading plumbers, we pride ourselves on our values and the positive reviews that we get for the work that we do.


We know that there are quite a few plumbers in Glasgow.  Some are good and some are bad.  But being able to demonstrate that we truly are one of the best plumbers in Glasgow through real reviews that are not published by us but are added by our customers after we have done the work.  Where they have gone out of their way to tell the rest of Glasgow about us – that makes us incredibly proud.  So you can only imagine the smile on our faces when the reviews we have on checkatrade.com passed 100.  Yes that’st right 100.  Over 100 of our customers in and around Glasgow have been so impressed with our plumbing services that they have gone out of their way to leave us god reviews.


It doesn’t make us complacent though – oh no.  If anything it urges us on to get to two hundred in less time.


But as always, we will work to the same values as always, offering a quality plumbing service in and around Glasgow at a fair and honest price for our customer.

Our values and why they are important

If you visit our site on a regular basis then there are two things you may have noticed.

1. You seem to have a lot of plumbing problems and if you haven’t actually called us yet then you really should.


2. You will have noticed that we have added a new section on out home page about our Values.


Now we understand that for so many companies, their ‘values’ are just hollow words that they do not actually revert to on any job.  But for us, our values are one of the founding reasons why JSL Plumbing are one of the best plumbers in Glasgow.


You may think that that is big headed of us but we are constantly being voted on ‘ThreeBestRated.co.uk’ for Plumbers in Glasgow so we must be doing something right.

Anyway, our values.  With every member of the JSL Plumbing team, we each understand that to do the job the JSL way, we need to hold onto these values. We have built our reputation as a plumber in Glasgow through word of mouth, referrals, recommendations and testimonials.  And they have come about because we have constantly done a good job for our customers. And we constantly do a good job for our customers because we constantly stick to our values.


If you would like to read more about our values, you can read more about them here >>>

Replacing Silicone Bath Seal

We received a call from a resident who lived in a tenement flat in Dennistoun in Glasgow.  They had spotted a damp patch building in the corner of their bathroom ceiling.  They were worried that their plumbing had become an issue.  So they called JSL Plumbing because they had heard so many good things about us from a friend.  We agreed a time to come out and inspect the issue.


The first thing we could tell them was that the leak was not theirs.  It was coming from the flat upstairs.


So a friendly knock on the door of the neighbours, we were able to inspect their bathroom and quickly confirmed that the seal round the bathtub had completely gone.

So every time they had a shower, was was trickling down through the gap and into the downstairs neighbours.

So we explained the situation to the neighbour who was more than happy for us to fix it for them.

And that is exactly what we did.  We fixed the issue and got on our merry way.

Replacing a water main

We were called out to a home in the West End of Glasgow because the resident had started to hear a hissing sound in their house but could not find the source of the noise or of any obvious signs of water leaking in the house.
They called Scottish Water who checked their side but could not source anything unusual. However the West End Resident was not convinced to their response and looked for a professional plumber in Glasgow.

And that led them to JSL Plumbing.

We agreed a time to visit the customers home before conducting a full survey using some of our advanced plumbing inspection tools (including thermal imaging camera). We found an issue with the water main pipe that led into the house but to access it, we had to dig.

Now this was no bucket and spade operation – we had to bring in a CAT digger.


We used this to excavate the ground to access the water pipe and replaced it – job done and problem solved.

It is another example of why JSL Plumbing is not just another Glasgow Plumber. We are a fully qualified, trained and certified plumbing company with a team of professional plumbers on call to fix every and all plumbing problems.

So whether you have a leaking tap or a leaking pipe – call JSL Plumbing today.

Why CheckaTrade is a big deal

For those new to JSL Plumbing, you my not yet have noticed that we like to shout about our reviews on CheckaTrade.com


Now you may be thinking – big deal.  Some reviews that say you are a good plumber in Glasgow.  Most plumbers websites say that.


Well first off, CheckaTrade.com is an external directory for tradesman not just in Glasgow but across the UK.  Customs can leave reviews based on timekeeping, tidiness, courtesy and workmanship.

So the reviews and testimonials on the site are completely impartial and we have no say in them.  So when a customer leaves a good review, they do it because they were impressed at our plumbing services.


We could (like a lot of plumbers do) simply revert to our own testimonials on the website which naturally would be biased.  On the likes of CheckaTrade.com, you get the truth.


And that is why we are so proud of it all.  With a near perfect score from just shy of 100 people in Glasgow who have needed a plumber and were overly impressed at what they got, CheckaTrade is our stamp of authority.  It says ‘we are a reliable, recommended plumber in Glasgow and we have the reviews, recommendations and testimonials to prove it.’


So if you need a plumber in Glasgow who knows what they are doing, will turn up when they say they will and get the job done like they say they will….then you need to call JSL Plumbing today.

Call us today for all your plumbing services in Glasgow: 0141 406 1658

  • Quick resolution of problem and good communication.
  • Very friendly throughout the process. Clear information given and very thorough. I will be using them again!
  • JSL Plumbing & Heating replaced a kitchen and a bathroom tap and fixed a toilet where the cistern was leaking into the bowl. He was personable and professional, and provided advice on which replacement taps we might want to get for the bathroom. He provided updates on his progress throughout, and the pricing was reasonable. We have used JSL before and would happily do so again. Have also recommended this company to others.
  • Job completed to our satisfaction. Bathroom and en-suite left tidy and work completed in the timescale agreed and charged as per the quote. Good quality fittings used. Would certainly use JSL Plumbing Services again in future.
  • Jim assessed the leak, which required repair and offered an honest appraisal. He was on time, polite and carried out the work as planned. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him and would use for a larger installation in the future.
  • Had a bent radiator pipe I needed replacing and as I'd already called them out thought I'd get some bath taps fitted. I'd been putting the job off as it was in a really awkward tight place and knew it wouldn't be pleasant. The plumber was happy to help and it didn't cost me as much as I expected for the time and fiddly nature of the job.
  • Very good service with work done quickly after contacting company.

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