Church Toilet Repairs

We were called our to a church in the West End of Glasgow the other day because the one men’s toilet in the church had broken.  Worse than that, the toilet was leaking.  A leak had appeared where the water tank connects to the toilet bowl and water had begun leaking out onto the bathroom floor.


JSL Plumbing have worked for many churches across Glasgow in the past and whilst we had never been called out to this specific church before, we had been recommended by one of our existing customers to the church in question who gave us a call in the hope that we could help them.


When we arrived on the scene, we checked the bolts that secure the tank to the bowl and made sure that they were correctly tightened.  We then checked to see that the bolts were themselves okay.  They were lightly corroded because of the damp environment but nothing too unusual.  It was then that we noticed the lightest of cracks in the toilet tank that was causing the leak.  Thankfully, because it was just the tank that was to blame, we were able to replace that section on its own rather than the entire toilet system.

A cracked tank or base unit can happen to a toilet for a whole host of reasons so if you notice water dripping from the side of the tank, water stains below the bathroom or something similar, it could be a sure sign indication that you have an issue with your toilet.

And if that is the case, you want to call on the best plumber in Glasgow – JSL Plumbing.  Proudly servicing Glasgow’s toilets, sinks, baths and showers since 2006.

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