DIY Plumbing doesn’t always work

Who doesn’t love a bit of DIY from time to time?

Whether it is painting the kids bedroom, upcycling some old furniture into something new or taking some clothing that you will not wear anymore and converting it into a lamp shade.

But while this kind of DIY can be good fun, there are some levels of DIY which should only be carried out if you actually know what you are doing.

As one of the leading local plumbers in Glasgow, we get calls for all sorts of jobs ranging from fitting a new kitchen sink to adding a garden tap.  But whatever we do, we do it to a high standard because we are a qualified, trained and experienced plumber.

That means that if we install a drain pipe on a kitchen sink, we know that the pipe has to drain downwards so that gravity can help the drain water flow away.  It may seem common sense when we talk about it now but for some DIY enthusiasts, it is all about getting the drain pipe to fit rather then how the water will flow away.

Which is why, when we were called out to a plumbing job yesterday, we saw this….

DIY plumbing gone wrong

As you can see, the pipe angles are all wrong and the drainage water does not drain away using gravity but it forced out by more waste water being collected on top.  This means that last nights dirty dish water will be sitting there directly below the plug hole all night which can create a rather smelly kitchen sink hole but also becomes a bit of a health hazard.

As you would expect from a recommended plumbers like ourselves, we explained the situation to the home owner, explained what we wanted to do to fix it, provided a quoted price for the work which was accepted and then got to work.  The sink now drains properly, washing away all the dirty drain water effortlessly thanks to gravity.

If you have taken on a plumbing DIY job that has backfired, then call the professionals, JSL Plumbing.

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