Electric Shower Repair

Electric Shower Repair

Electric showers are a wonderful device.  Hot water almost immediately and at a good pressure.

But with every positive, there is a negative. And with ‘cheaper’ electric showers, that negative comes in weaker parts and more breakable parts.

And that leads us to a call out we had last week.  A client was having a shower and when they were done and went to turn the knob of the shower off, nothing happened.  The on/off dial kept spinning.

Thankfully, electric showers stop working if you shut off their electricity supply so they were not left in a situation where the water was running consistently.  But they still had the problem of how to fix their electric shower.

As the plumber they have used for many years, we were called to see if we could fix it.

As usual, they booked in a time slot and when we arrived, we quickly got to work.

The problem was easy to spot once we have taken the covering off the shower.  The on/off dial internal plastic mechanism had snapped meaning that while the dial could turn, it wasn’t completing its primary function of actually turning on or off the electric shower.

We fixed the connection wheel of the on/off switch before resealing the shower unit and then conducting a series of tests to ensure that the fix was in fact permanent.

And once that was done, we were back on our way onto the next plumbing job.

If you have an electric shower that has developed a fault, call the plumbing professionals in Glasgow – JSL.

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