Fit a new radiator

How to fit a new radiator

If you are wanting to fit a new radiator, our first bit of advise is to be careful. You won’t know if you have done a good job until the hot water starts flowing through the radiator during a heat cycle.

Choosing and buying a radiator itself is a relatively easy process. Whether you buy the radiator from an online store or you pop into your local hardware supplier, there are countless sizes and styles of radiator to choose from.

Location of the radiator

If you are not simply replacing the radiator, the first thing you need to decide on is where it is going to sit. Make sure that the location will not create access obstacles and if you are fitting it near a door, please make sure that the dor can still open cnad close fully without banging into the radiator (you would be amazed that this has happened before).

Remove old radiator (if direct replacement)

If you are replacing an old radiator:

Switch off the central heating system.
Drain off the water from the radiator.
Remove all the water in the radiator (dirty radiator water can stain your carpets).
Undo the bleed valve from the radiator so that the water can drain off from the system.
When the radiator is empty, unscrew the valves at the bottom of the radiator.
Remove the fittings behind the radiator and lift it upwards in order to remove it from the brackets.

Fitting the new radiator

Once you have decided where you want the radiator to go, you next need to fit it to the wall. In order to do that, you have to follow 4 steps:

  • Measuring the distance between the fastening points located on the back of the radiator.
  • Use a spirit level and draw a vertical line on the wall.
  • Fastening the brackets to the wall (make sure the wall can take the weight).
  • Putting the radiator on to the brackets.

Fitting the piping

  • Modern plastic piping is a lot easier to cut, run and fit to a radiator.
  • Connect the piping to the existing heating system.
  • Connect the radiator making sure that the pipe inserts are used.
  • Close the drain off valve.
  • Make sure that the bleeding valve on the radiator is closed.
  • Fill the central heating system using the cold supply.
  • Check new fittings on the radiator for potential leakages (if you spot any leaks, don’t panic, tighten the screws or make sure that the pipes are pushed all the way into the fittings).
  • After doing all of this, you should bleed the radiator.

What if I get stuck?

Don’t worry if you get stuck or you simply decide that fitting a radiator is not for you.  We get it.  As a local independent plumber in Glasgow, we have real values and put real effort into the work we do for our customers.  All of our work and parts are fully guaranteed and through our booking system, we will always turn up in the time slot we give you.

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