Fixing the toilet that just wouldn’t flush

We were called out to a customers home in Finnieston.  They had an issue with their en-suite bathroom toilet.  It was a relatively new toilet that features the push button flush system.  These kind of toilets can be great from an environmental point of view and saving the amount of water needed for flushing however, when they break, it can be a bit more tricky to fix.


And that is exactly what happened to this West End customer.  Their toilet wouldn’t flush.  The buttons (both of them) were not activating the flushing mechanism.


So we were called out because, as one of Glasgow’s leading plumber firms, we have the reviews and recommendations to back up our claims.  We turned up on time to the clients address, inspected the problem, quoted a price to fix and and then fixed it.  It really was that simple.

As a Glasgow Plumber, something that sets us apart from some of our competitors is that we are a truly independent company.  We stick to our principles and always try to help our customers with their plumbing issues.  Whilst other plumbers will have lots of forms, T&Cs and what not, we believe in honesty in our work, honesty in our pricing and honesty in our guarantee.


That way, we all win.  So if you have a plumbing problem and need a quality plumber to fix it, call JSL Plumbing.

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