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Balmore may be a small town just outside of Glasgow next to Milngavie but that doesnt mean that it is immune from plumbing and drainage emergencies. So if you live in Balmore and you wake up in the middle of the night and find water flooding your kitchen or you find a chill in the air because your boiler has packed it in then you need a plumbing and heating team that you can trust. With years of experience and a list longer than your arm of glowing testimonials, we pride ourselves on having built a reputation for quality and trust with so much of our plumbing and heating business coming from referrals from existing customers. So if you need an expert today – give us a call.


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Balmore Plumbing Case Study:

We were called out to fix a leaking pipe in an old victorian style home. The customer had noticed a water bead that was sitting at the curve of a pipe in their kitchen. Initially they thought it was condensation build up however in closer inspection it turned out to be a small leak. We were called out to investigate. It turned out to be a leak through an old pipe that had corroded and had been leaking for some time. It had caused mould to build behind the wall and was creating a damp issue on the floor. We fixed the link and replaced the damaged wood work and cleaned the mould away.

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