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Hyndland is one of the more popular locations in the West End with a great selection of restaurants, bars, cafes and other shops. But if you have ever driven down Clarence Drive after a heavy rainstorm you will know how quickly drains can get blocked and struggle to deal with the rain water. The same can be said for so much of the plumbing system across Hyndland. Old plumbing pipes connected to even older red tenement flats means that usual suspects for drain blockages like baby wipes, cotton buds and hair build up are more easily going to get caught and build up – blocking your drain. It is then that you need to call on a plumber who will actually turn up at your door on time and get the job done. Enter JSL Plumbing.


We are a professional plumbing firm based on the West End of Glasgow and servicing Hyndland for over a decade. Our team of plumbers are all reliable, friendly and most importantly – qualified to fix any and all plumbing issues you may have in your home. Our plumbing experts love to get their hands dirty (fixing your plumbing issue – NOT making a mess of your home) and with the collective experience of all of our plumber team pushing way past half a century, we are more than capable of fixing your plumbing issue.

We can say with confidence that we will fix your plumbing issue because while we may still carry the trusty plunger with us (as all plumber should), times have moved on and with them, so have JSL Plumbing.
We have invested in the latest in plumbing equipment to minimise your disruption and maximise our quality services in order to get your home back to full flowing capacity.


So if you live in Hyndland and you need a drainage tradesman to fix your blocked drain then call on JSL Drainage.

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