Hillington Shower Cartridge Fix

We live in a world of disposable goods.  So it is understandable that so many of us just assume that if something is broken that the easiest option is to replace it.  Gone are the days when you would repair something.


Or so you would think because just the other day we were in Hillington in the West End of Glasgow working on a few odd jobs that one of our plumbing customers had requested.  While we were there, they pointed out that they would like us to come back at some point to replace their shower.  We asked the very simply question ‘whats wrong with it’ and got the response ‘don’t know, it just stopped working so I am going to get a new one’.


As a leading independent plumber in Glasgow, our curiosity got the better of us and we asked to have a look while we were there.  It turned out that all that was wrong was that the thread of the shower cartridge had gone so when they tried to turn on the water – nothing happened.  This was a simply fix and because we had a shower cartridge on us at the time, we fitted it there and then.  The customer of course is delighted because a) it was an unexpected surprise and b) they have saved some money on both having to buy a new shower unit and having the cost of having it fitted.


We are regularly voted as one of the top three plumbers in Glasgow and we feel it is because we offer the complete package of reliable timekeeping, value for money, professionalism and above all – getting the job done.


The lesson to be learnt here is that if your shower stops working, it can probably be fixed.  You do not need to buy a whole new unit.

So if you live in Glasgow and your shower has stopped working then give JSL Plumbing a call.  We do not charge a call out fee and we only start work once we have agreed a fee with you.


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