Help I have a leaking tap!!!

First off – do not panic.  Make sure that the water can still drain away out of the sink.  The last thing you want is a leaking tap AND a blocked drain pipe flooding your kitchen of bathroom.

When it comes to taps, there are two types (generally). The Ceramic Disco Tap & The Stem or Pillar Tap.

You may be wondering why this is important.  It is because, by knowing what type of tap you have, we can determine why type of issue you most likely have and the best way to fix it.

leaking tap repairs

With the ceramic disc tap, if this is dripping from the spout then the whole of the central cartridge will need to be checked and potentially replaced.  You can find these replacement parts online and through most good hardware stores.  Obviously you need to shut off the water to that tap before you begin replacing parts.  Because of the vast array of old and new houses, the water pipe on/off valve could be anywhere. If you need a professional plumber to help you fix the issue then call on JSL Plumbing on 0141 406 1658.

The other type of tap that you will commonly find in Glasgow homes is the Stem or Pillar taps.  These are the most common tap type in and around Glasgow homes. If a pillar tap is dripping then the washer needs replacing. While this is a problem that you can tackle yourself, if you are wanting a professional plumber to handle fixing your leaking tap then call on JSL Plumbing. Our team of expert plumbers is on call throughout Glasgow and no job is to big or small. After all, a leaking tap if unchecked can lead to bigger problems. So call our plumber team today on 0141 406 1658

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Leaking Tap Case Study

We received a call from a customer who had managed to break their downstairs bathroom hot tap in the sink.  Scolding hot water was pouring out the tap at full blast and the owner did not know how to stop it.


Over the phone, we advised the owner of how to stop the hot tap water supply and once this had been done, we arranged a time to visit that day and fix the issue.

The cause had been over tightening of the tap when it was being turned off.  Over time, that  had worn away until finally the close valve would simply not close anymore.  The home owner had tried to fix the issue themselves but had made the issue worse causing the valve to completely open and with no means to close it.


As always, we did not charge a call out fee, agreed a price to fix the issue in advance and whilst we were there, we carried out a few other odd jobs to ensure that the West End property was in tip top plumbing condition.

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