Leaking Waste Pipe Plumbing Problems

A leaking waste pipe is not something anyone wants to have to deal with in their home  Whether it is a leaking waste pipe from the kitchen sink, the bathtub upstairs of from one of your homes toilets.

Yet leaking waste pipes do happen and when you need a professional plumber in Glasgow to get it fixed, you need to call JSL Plumbing.

There are ways that you can spot if you have a leaking waste pipe.  One of the most obvious is through dampness.  If you have noticed dampness in the ceiling directly below your bathroom, it could very well be that your bathtub waste pipe is leaking.

If you notice a collection of water in the cupboard under your kitchen sink then again, this could be a leaking waste pipe.

And if you can SMELL the leak then you may have a larger waste pipe leak under the floor.

Whatever kind of leak it is, JSL Plumbing can find it and we can fix it.

We are one of Glasgow’s leading plumbing firms and have been proudly serving the city for over a decade.  From what started as a single man with a van operation has quickly grown to a company with three specialised divisions for plumbing, drainage and heating.  We have grown through a consistent approach of offering a reliable, quality and reputable plumbing service to our customers who have suffered for far too long with inadequate plumbers in the past.

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We do not charge a call out fee for our work and everything we do is guaranteed to give you peace of mind that we have not only fixed your plumbing problem but we have done it properly.

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Leaking Waste Pipe Case Study

We were called to examine a drain exposed by the owner in Milngavie. The customer had signs of rising damp and was concerned it was related to the drains.

The kitchen waste trap was found to be overflowing, the downstairs bathroom trap was overflowing and there were leaks from the soil (toilet waste) connections.

The first actions was to clear the blocked traps which was achieved by sucking out the gravel using a hydrovac pump and clearing the blockage with a high pressure water jetter.

As the clay collars were broken and leaking it was decided to replace the section of drain, fit a new trap for the bathroom and join the new to old using ‘Flexseal’ collars.  A quote was raised that day, accepted and the work was carried out a few days later at a time convenient to the customer.

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