My shower has a low pressure and I want more!!!

We all want a bit more sometimes and if you like to start each and every morning with a shower to start your day then you want to have a powerful blast rather than a warm drizzle.  Yet despite your best efforts, your shower has a low pressure and is not giving you want you want.


There are various things that can be done to increase the pressure of your shower and if you are serious about getting a better pressure then you need to call in a serious plumber.


We are JSL Plumbing and we have been serving the residents of Glasgow for well over a decade with reliable plumber services from fixing leaking taps to fitting entire bathrooms and everything in between.


We do not charge a call out fee and all our work and parts used are guaranteed to give you peace of mind.


So if you want to increase the pressure of your shower then call in the experts – JSL Plumbing.

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Shower Pressure Case Study

We were called out by a customer that we have had at JSL for a number of years as they had moved home and were requiring assistance with installing their dishwasher and washing machine into their new flat in Dennistoun.

Whilst we were carrying out the work, we discovered that they were not happy with the pressure they were getting from their shower.  A quick inspection identified two easy fixes that we could implement to increase the pressure at minimal cost.

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