Whether you are wanting to add a bathroom suite to a loft space, add a downstairs toilet in the basement or simply improve the drainage flow of your toilet waste, a macerator is the ideal solutions.

Macerators allow you to install toilets and other plumbing systems without the need for the usual large exit pipes into a nearby sewage drain.  In fact, depending on its use, a macerator drain pipe can be as little as 22mm wide.

How does a macerator work?

It is a simple process provided by some clever technology.  A macerator works by taking the waste from a toilet and turning it into a liquid form. This makes it easier for the waste to be transported down a drain pipe via the macerators pump.  A macerator can even pump waste upwards or downwards making the need for a gravity system redundant.

A macerators internal blades spin rapidly (think of it like a blender) to turn solid waste into liquid in just a few seconds.  The macerators internal pump then forces the liquid waste away from the toilet and into the main drainage system.

macerator plumbing for toilets

Hiring JSL Plumbing to fit a macerator

If you are looking for a reliable, reputable and professional plumber who is fully trained, qualified and certified then you need look no further than JSL Plumbing.  We are a team of plumbers providing the very best in plumbing trade services in and around Glasgow.

To us, our values are what make JSL Plumbing the company we are. It isn’t about being one thing or the other. It is about meeting our own expectations and exceeding yours. We pride ourselves on our honest and friendly approach whilst knowing that we have the proper skills to get the job done properly for you. Our customers faith in our services is important to us which is why each any every day, our values guide us to be the best plumber in Glasgow.

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Macerator/Saniflo Repair and Replacement Services

For homes across Glasgow that already have a macerator or saniflo device fitted, there will come a time when the system fails and requires repairs or even, a complete replacement. While macerators are designed to deal with human waste, there are not very good at dealing with sanitary wipes, cotton buds and other items that should never really be flushed down a toilet. Yet just like a normal toilet, they can still be flushed down there and cause issues with the system.

When this happens and you need to call a plumber to repair your macerator, call JSL Plumbing. As one of Glasgow’s favourite plumbers, we can repair and replace all types of macerator and saniflo system.

My macerator is making a strange noise

If you have been hearing strange growling, buzzing or jamming noises from your macerator, it is most likely on its way out. This is NOT a situation where you should wait for the system to fail completely. This is when you need to act and call us to book in a time to repair or replace your macerator. If you leave it too long, the system can break and potentially cause a blocked drain which will cost you money to fix.

At JSL Plumbing, we do not charge a call out fee. We will arrive at your property, assess the situation, provide you with a quote and only if you approve it will we begin work. We offer a 12 month guarantee against any faulty workmanship and a 14 day guarantee against all blockages that our drainage team clear. Our entire plumbing team are fully trained and qualified in all plumbing services. Our decades of experience means we know to use the right tools for the right job.

Macerator and Saniflo Repair Cost

We are unable to provide set prices for saniflo repair costs simply because each job is different. In Glasgow, the vast range of building types and architectural history of the city means that one macerator repair job could be in a loft conversion of a Victorian sandstone home that has a macerator that was only installed a few years ago but is connected to old plumbing systems. Then another job that is in a 1990’s build town house yet the parts available for the macerator are so scarce that it is not viable to repair it and we have to replace the system with a new saniflo device.

The best step to take if you need to replace your macerator or saniflo is to call us today. For all plumber services from taps that won’t stop dripping right up to bathroom installations, we are a recommended plumber in Glasgow with no call out charge and plumbing work that we proudly guaranteed.

Founded in the outskirts of Bearsden, JSL started out as a simple plumbing and drainage business. But as our reputation grew so did our client list as we kept building up referrals thanks to the consistently good plumbing work that we were doing. Over time we had to expand and bring in new staff to cope with the demand. With that came new skills and new opportunities. JSL Plumbing has now grown to more than just a plumber in a van. We proudly cover everything and anything to do with plumbing covering all of Glasgow.

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  • Quick resolution of problem and good communication.
  • Very friendly throughout the process. Clear information given and very thorough. I will be using them again!
  • JSL Plumbing & Heating replaced a kitchen and a bathroom tap and fixed a toilet where the cistern was leaking into the bowl. He was personable and professional, and provided advice on which replacement taps we might want to get for the bathroom. He provided updates on his progress throughout, and the pricing was reasonable. We have used JSL before and would happily do so again. Have also recommended this company to others.
  • Job completed to our satisfaction. Bathroom and en-suite left tidy and work completed in the timescale agreed and charged as per the quote. Good quality fittings used. Would certainly use JSL Plumbing Services again in future.
  • Jim assessed the leak, which required repair and offered an honest appraisal. He was on time, polite and carried out the work as planned. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him and would use for a larger installation in the future.
  • Had a bent radiator pipe I needed replacing and as I'd already called them out thought I'd get some bath taps fitted. I'd been putting the job off as it was in a really awkward tight place and knew it wouldn't be pleasant. The plumber was happy to help and it didn't cost me as much as I expected for the time and fiddly nature of the job.
  • Very good service with work done quickly after contacting company.

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