Help – My Shower is leaking!!!

It can be difficult to spot a leak in your shower, what with all the water spray from the shower itself. But if you have noticed you have a leaking shower then first off – be careful.  Especially if you have an electric power shower.

A leaking shower can be caused by something as simple as a loose connecting hose that needs tightening.  However worn out washers, cracked pipes and damaged on/off valves are all well known causes of showers leaking water.

Some leaks can be a simple drip drip that is barely noticeable but then other leaks can be a full on flood of water that doesn’t seem to want to stop.

If it is the later then you should call JSL Plumbing for an emergency call out.  We do not charge a call out fee and all of our work is guaranteed.  We have our team of plumbers patrolling Glasgow on a daily basis and can be at your door within an hour for emergency call outs.

If it is a less serious call out issue then we will still be at your door when we say we will because we are a reliable and qualified plumber and we believe that a good service and a friendly attitude is a marketing tool in itself.


Since JSL Plumbing was founded in Milngavie in the West End of Glasgow, we have always focused our business on referrals and recommendations.  Over a decade since our first day trading as JSL, we are delighted that that same level of quality service and friendly attitude has seen us grow from a 1 man with a van business to a larger organisation with three divisions covering Plumbing, Drainage and Heating.


So whether you have a leaking tap, a leaking radiator or in this case, a leaking shower, we can fix it!

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Leaking Shower Case Study

We were called out by a customer in Anniesland who had discovered a drip drip leak in their shower hose.  They had tried to fix the problem assuming it was a loose connection but by investigating the issue, they had actually made the problem worse and what had been a slow drip drip was now a steady trickle.  Thankfully the trickle of water from the leaking shower was going straight into the bath but it still needed to be fixed quickly.


A short phone call with the customer identified a few possible causes so that we could turn up at the clients door armed with suitable parts to ensure that we got the job done first time.


The cause ended up being two fold.  The connection to the hose had cracked and the hose itself had also suffered from age related fatigue.  As we had both parts with us, we were able to replace them both quickly and successfully.

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