Plumbing Problems and Insurance Claims

Your homes plumbing pipes get used each and every day.  From the simple flushing of a toilet to what you pour down the sink (and indeed what comes out of the tap).

Moving water and waste through plumbing pipes in your home, whether they are old or new is no easy task yet your homes plumbing system received little or no maintenance like your boiler or car would.  Yet so many of us go on the basis that our plumbing systems are invincible and are shocked and surprised when the range of hot and freezing weather conditions that we experience in Glasgow and the regular flushing, pouring and draining of our homes plumbing causes a problem.

Plumbing problems can come in all shapes and sizes.  From simple yet annoying dripping taps to more serious issues like toilets that won’t flush and leaking shower basins.

leaking toilet insurance claim

Some plumbing problems are easy to spot and easy to fix.  Others however can be more problematic to spot in the first place. Water pipes (both hot and cold) flow up and down your house behind walls. A simple washer failing can cause a leaking pipe that will cause damage to your internal walls, wallpaper and flooring over an extended period of time.  Pipes which leak behind walls, under floors and above ceilings are difficult to spot until water damage and damp spots emerge.  And even when a leaking pipe is identified, fixing the issue AND repairing the damage caused is a different matter.  And that can be where an insurance claim comes into play.

Minor drainage issues are part and parcel of the running costs of your home (in the same way that you need to maintain your heating system, your roof etc). But what plumbing problems can you expect your insurance to cover and what damage and repairs have to be covered financially by yourself?

Leaking / Burst Pipes

A leaking or burst pipe is a maintenance issue. So it falls into a category of wear, tear and age of the plumbing pipes. What you can possibly claim with insurance is the trace and accessing of a leaking pipe. At JSL Plumbing, we are trace and access specialists. If you have a leaking pipe that is causing damage to your home, we can use advanced trace and access technology to find the source. This work itself can be claimed under a lot of insurance policies. The repair work itself however is not an insurance claim. The way that insurance companies look at a claim, they will cover the cost of finding the problem and they will cover the cost of any damages that the problem may have caused but they DO NOT cover the cost of actually fixing the problem. This may seem strange (and it is) but I think we can all agree that it is a topsy turvy world that we live in.

A lot of what can and can’t be claimed on insurance depends on who your insurance policy is with and what it covers. The insurance advise that we have given above is just that, advise. With each home insurance policy, the best course of action is to speak to our Glasgow Plumbers directly when we have had a chance to inspect and quote you for a plumbing repair job. As one of the leading plumbers in Glasgow, we have built our reputation by providing quality work at a fair price. And because we guarantee all of our work and parts, you can rest assured that you are getting the best service in plumbing.

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