Replacing Silicone Bath Seal

We received a call from a resident who lived in a tenement flat in Dennistoun in Glasgow.  They had spotted a damp patch building in the corner of their bathroom ceiling.  They were worried that their plumbing had become an issue.  So they called JSL Plumbing because they had heard so many good things about us from a friend.  We agreed a time to come out and inspect the issue.


The first thing we could tell them was that the leak was not theirs.  It was coming from the flat upstairs.


So a friendly knock on the door of the neighbours, we were able to inspect their bathroom and quickly confirmed that the seal round the bathtub had completely gone.

So every time they had a shower, was was trickling down through the gap and into the downstairs neighbours.

So we explained the situation to the neighbour who was more than happy for us to fix it for them.

And that is exactly what we did.  We fixed the issue and got on our merry way.

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