See what can happen when you don’t hire someone who knows what they are doing

We saw an absolute cracker this week.

We were called by a new customer who had trouble leaving their house.  Call a locksmith you might say. But on this occasion, the door and the lock was not the problem. The problem was a large, heavy radiator blocking the front door.

A builder had installed the very heavy vertical radiator using spiral fixings rather than put timber in the wall to provide strength. One heavy radiator held on by spiral fixings on an unsupported plasterboard wall….you do the maths.

The radiator (to the surprise of no one) fell off in the morning and took lumps out of the wall and door as it fell. Such was the way it had fallen that the customer couldn’t actually get out of their front door. I had to use the tradesman’s entrance.

When it comes to fitting radiators, there is the right way of doing it and the wrong way of doing it.  A heavy radiator like that should have been securely fitted and it is very lucky that nobody was hurt.

At JSL Plumbing, we pride ourselves on the quality of our work.  Not just in the finish but in the installation as well.  With so many years experience working in houses old and new, we will always give the best, most honest advice we can when it comes to everything from installing a new radiator to fitting an electric shower.

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