There is a bad smell coming from under my floor

It doesn’t matter if your sense of smell is good or bad – a sewage smell coming from under your floor boards is hard to miss.

If you imagine your kitchen right now – the sink is up against the wall in one corner.  Where does the drain pipe go once the water has drained away from the sink?  9/10 times it goes under the floor before joining the drainage pipes that leave your home.  In older homes, these drainage pipes can be just as old as the houses themselves so it come as no surprise that at some point, one of the joins in the pipe will crack, fail and begin to leak.

sewage leak under floor

Now because this is under the floor and is a slow quiet drip drip, you are never going to notice it.  That is until the smell begins to build.

It can be quite a shock when you finally go to investigate the source of the smell and discover not only the source but the potential damage it can cause to your home.  The wooden floor can warp because of the moisture, the water can seep into the walls creating a dampness which itself can cause mould to build up.  There are a whole list of things to consider.

At JSL Plumbing – we don’t just fix leaking taps, we can perform an entire clean up and repair service for situations just like the above.  If you have discovered a leaking pipe under your floor, we can source the leak, replace the faulty parts and clean up and sterilise the mess that it caused.  All with minimal disruption to you and your daily lives.

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Case Study - Sewage Below the Floor

After a referral from an insurance company we visited the site on the same day as requested. Joiners had lifted part of the bathroom floor due to spongy flooring and a suspect bath leak. They found in addition to the bath leak the soil pipe from the toilet was also separated and raw sewage had been spilling into the solum for some months.

Toilet solids and water had flooded under the bathroom and hallway. Our investigation by lifting carpets and hatches revealed the extent of the contamination was limited to these areas and not spread under the lounge and kitchen but was quite extensive.

Up to 30cm of solid waste and 50 mm of liquid was also contaminated with sewer flies and surprisingly little smell until the floor was opened up. A quote was supplied and accepted and we booked the clean-up for a weeks time as we had to wait for the go ahead.

Our process is as follows:
– Lift the hall carpet and underlay.
– Suit up in disposable white suits, wellies, mask, goggles and gloves.
– Spread copious amounts of absorbent compound over the contamination.
– Cut away remaining floorboards in the bathroom including a rotten joist
– Cut away old pipework
– Cut an opening along the length of the hallway.
– Lift out builders rubble insulation old pipes and loose rubbish. Double bag and remove.
– Dig out solid waste (the smelly bit which had the apprentice gagging) double bag and remove.
– Add more absorbent compound Stamp in to soak up liquids and dig out into double bags.
– Sweep the area clear of absorbent compound taking particular care with edges and corners to ensure no contamination is left behind.
– Disinfect all areas affected.
– Refit floorboards.
– Clean all areas
– Remove bags of rubbish from site.
– Colleagues from another company came in behind us and fogged the area with fly killer on 3 separate visits then refitted the carpet.

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  • Quick resolution of problem and good communication.
  • Very friendly throughout the process. Clear information given and very thorough. I will be using them again!
  • JSL Plumbing & Heating replaced a kitchen and a bathroom tap and fixed a toilet where the cistern was leaking into the bowl. He was personable and professional, and provided advice on which replacement taps we might want to get for the bathroom. He provided updates on his progress throughout, and the pricing was reasonable. We have used JSL before and would happily do so again. Have also recommended this company to others.
  • Job completed to our satisfaction. Bathroom and en-suite left tidy and work completed in the timescale agreed and charged as per the quote. Good quality fittings used. Would certainly use JSL Plumbing Services again in future.
  • Jim assessed the leak, which required repair and offered an honest appraisal. He was on time, polite and carried out the work as planned. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him and would use for a larger installation in the future.
  • Had a bent radiator pipe I needed replacing and as I'd already called them out thought I'd get some bath taps fitted. I'd been putting the job off as it was in a really awkward tight place and knew it wouldn't be pleasant. The plumber was happy to help and it didn't cost me as much as I expected for the time and fiddly nature of the job.
  • Very good service with work done quickly after contacting company.

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