Shower cartridge that controls temperature broken

A morning shower is to some an essential way to start the day effectively. But what if your shower doesn’t work? What if one day that essential shower produces nothing but ice cold water?
That is exactly what has just happened to one of our customers.
We first did work for them over four years ago when their toilet broke after a house party had become a bit too rowdy. And ever since then they have called us for any small issue that they have had from a blocked drain to replacing the silicone sealant around the bath.

So when they called us in the morning on their way to work with this new issue, we were able to discuss the issue, highlight the probable cause and then agree a time for that evening to come round to the house and have a look.
It ended up being a cartridge that controls the temperature of the shower. It had broken and was now only producing cold water (not ideal regardless of what time of the year it is). We got the issue fixed that very evening and our customer was happily able to continue their essential morning routine of waking up and having a nice hot shower again.

It is these kind of issues that mark out why we at JSL Plumbing are different from other plumbing firms. We continually offer a service that sees our customers come back to us again and again because they know they can trust us to do the job properly. And our flexibility in being able to come to our customers at times of the day that suit them – it is a win win for everyone.

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