The drama of a leaking pipe under the floor

We were called by a customer in Strathbungo because they had found that there was a leaking pipe under their floor and had created a mini pool of water in the ground.


They had found it by accident.  They were accessing under the floor to lay down some poison as they have been plagued by rodents.  When they lifted the floor hatch to lay some poison, they were greeted to a pool of water.


A washer had given up on the on/off tap for the homes main water supply and for a wee while had been leaking out water.  Initially it just water logged the ground but eventually there was too much water to drain away any more and it became a pool of water.


As a recommended, quality plumber in Glasgow, we got the call to help fix the problem.


After assessing the situation, we quoted a price and got to work.


The first thing we did was kill the power to the house.  In older houses like this, especially if there has been evidence of rodents, you simply don’t know if all the electrical wires under the floor are sealed.  So the last thing we wanted to do was get electrocuted when in the puddles of water.


So we got to work replacing the washer and removed the build up of water.  We advised the customer on a monthly schedule to help air out the space to allow the ground to dry quickly.


The customer was happy with the outcome and was pretty relived that it hadn’t ended up being worse.


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