Warning – do not tile on cardboard!!!

There are times in our day to day work that we see some truly baffling things. One time we found a bat in a drain pipe (and safely relocated it). We have seen some truly amazing tree roots blocking drains. And we have seen more than our fair share of baffling piping done by other plumbers. But this week, we may have trumped all of that with what one of our plumbers Thomas saw.

Out at a job to fix a leaking pipe, it required the removal of a piece of wall so that we could get at the pipe. Now normally this would involve carefully removing the tiles, cutting a hole in the plasterboard wall, accessing the pipe and then repairing everything so that you wouldn’t know we were there.

But this time, instead of plasterboard, we cam across cardboard. Yes that is right, the bathroom was tiled onto sheets of cardboard. Hilarious and baffling in equal measure.
We are amazed that someone would do this in the first place. We are even more amazed that it has stood up for as long as it has.

cardboard bathroom shocking

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