When the syphon on your toilet breaks

We received a call from an existing customer on Thursday just as it was about to hit 5 oclock in the evening.

They were in a panic as their upstairs toilet in your home had stopped flushing.

We discussed the problem with them in detail before booking a time slot in for the very next morning.

When we arrived, we quickly determined that the syphon in the toilet had broken. The syphon is what activates the flushing of water from the tank into the toilet bowl. But replacing a syphon is not as easy as unscrewing one and fixing in another. We had to drain the toilet tank firstly by turning off the water supply then draining out what water was still in the tank. Next we had to remove the cistern from the base unit which was made complicated by the fact that over the years, condensation from showers etc had caused the metal bolts to rust on. After some elbow grease was applied however we got the toilet cistern off, gave it a clean before fitting a new syphon to the toilet.

We conducted a few tests to make sure that there was no water leaking from the system.

All in all another job done – on to the next.

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